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Enhancing transfer from first-year composition: a pedagogy of shorter essays

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first-year writing, post-secondary education

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The cyclical nature of the “Why Johnny Can’t Write” crisis means that as writing teachers, we’re often in a position of explaining how first-year writing requirements are relevant and necessary. While that social pressure is in many ways helpful in preserving the first-year writing requirement at colleges and universities across the country, we also face pressure to solve these so-called literacy problems in all of our students. As writing instructors, we know that one or two semesters is not enough time to finalize good writing practices, that students need to write in all of their classes, and that our colleagues in other departments need to model writing in their own disciplines so that students can build on what they learn in first-year writing.

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Skeffington, Jillian K. "Enhancing Transfer from First-Year Composition: A Pedagogy of Shorter Essays." The Journal of Teaching Writing, vol. 27, no. 2, 2012, pp. 27-45.



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