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Gender construct as a narrative and text: the female protagonist in new-generation Malayalam cinema

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women in motion pictures, gender in motion pictures, filmmaking

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The film industry in Kerala (popularly known as ‘Mollywood’ in the mediasphere) is an obvious example of the changing face of the regional film industries in India in accordance with the varying socio-cultural values and demands of the audience. These films claim a multifaceted ‘newness’ in their narration, ranging from the themes explored to their techniques of production and narration. This article seeks to analyze whether this ‘newness’ is contemplated in the conceptualization of female characters within films. We conclude that although women are conceptualized as part of a globalized culture in which ‘she’ has an identity, they are nevertheless subject to the familiar gender hierarchy and marginalized identity.

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Jalarajan Raj, S. & Gopinath, Swapna. ( 2015). Gender construct as a narrative and text: The female protagonist in new generation Malayalam cinema. Journal of South Asian Popular Culture, Routledge- Taylor and Francis Group, Vol-12 (Issue-1), February, 2015. DOI:10.1080/14746689.2014.1000648


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