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Siberia, ethnicity, human ecology, human geography, Indigenous peoples

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This book traverses socio-cultural diversity and human-environment systems across Siberia along six major research themes, each discussed in detail below. Thus, instead of trying to capture each and every corner of this vast social and geographic space, this book is organized along contemporary themes of anthropological research in Siberia, providing rich case studies within each thematic cluster. By focusing on these themes emerging in the current research, we can go beyond a collection of encyclopedic entries in order to learn more about the dynamics of change and perceptions of local peoples. This volume is organized around six research themes: Indigenous language revival and cultural change; land, law, and ecology; co-creation of people and the state; formal and grassroots infrastructure and Siberian mobility; religious mosaics in Siberia; and conceptions of history.

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Ziker, J. P., Ferguson, J. & Davydov, V. (2023) Introduction. In J. Ziker, J. Ferguson, & V. Davydov (Eds.), The Siberian World (pp.1-28). Routledge.


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