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Попелюшка Шумки

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Ukrainian Shumka Dancers, Cinderella, Ukrainian dance, Canadian dance, folk ballet, traditional folk dance, folktale, Maria Levitska, Yuri Shevchenko, Viktor Lytvynov

Abstract (summary)

Gordon Gordey documents his dance concepts and libretto, including performance photographs, for the creation of the original folk dance theatre work Shumka’s Cinderella. Shumka’s Cinderella is rooted in Ukrainian regional dance style, the poetry of folk melodies, the spirit of the rise of Ukrainian nobility, the vibrant paintbrush of village arts, and the expressive energy of the European Baroque period. This dance theatre work was created for The Ukrainian Shumka Dancers of Canada. Shumka’s Cinderella has had over 50 major performances across Canada, two tours to China, and major performances in Ukraine.

Publication Information

Collected Papers on Ukrainian Life in Western Canada, edited by V. Polkovsky and M. Soroka, Ostroh Academy National University Press, 2014, Vol. XLVII, Part Seven, pp. 242-275.



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