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The diction of the Fragmentum Fuldense

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The Fragmentum Fuldense, Apologeticum, Tertullian, Modius, Junius, lost manuscript, monastic library at Fulda, learned librarian

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The Fragmentum Fuldense is found in a single recension of the Apologeticum (autumn, 197 or later) of the apologist Tertullian, and exemplified by a now lost manuscript once held in the monastic library at Fulda, copied by Modius in 1584, and printed by Junius in 1597 in his edition of the Apologeticum. The divergences between the Fuldensian and the vulgate recensions are - if many - minor. The main divergence is the lengthy passage included in chapter 19, and referred to as the Fragmentum Fuldense. There is considerable disagreement over the authorship of this passage. Several scholars attribute it to the hand of Tertullian himself; but even these cannot agree whether he composed the Fragmentum Fuldense before or after the vulgate version. Among those who do not consider Tertullian to be the author, a popular supposition is that the Fragmentum Fuldense is the work of a learned librarian very familiar with the writings of Tertullian.

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Garstad, Benjamin. “The diction of the Fragmentum Fuldense.” Glotta 78 (2002) 102-9.



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