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Academics in practice: moving beyond appreciation

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reviews, theater, practice, appreciation, Sor Juana

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In this short article, a professor and her student reflect on an ongoing project that brings them into close contact with theatrical adaptations. They discuss the ups and downs of working closely with Sor Juana’s Los empeños de una casa and Mexican actor Fernando Villa Proal of EFE TRES Teatro throughout the pandemic that started in early 2020 and has extended long into 2021. The piece also includes interview materials from theater practitioners who are interested in the overlap between theater and research. These are just some of the conclusions and suggestions that they have arrived at throughout this process, with an aim to bring academic and artistic practices into closer alignment.

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Cowling, Erin Alice, Ana Karen Rodas Garza; Academics in Practice: Moving Beyond Appreciation. Comedia Performance 1 June 2022; 19 (1): 70–84. doi:


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