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Physical and health education curriculum and pedagogy

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experiential learning environments, youth, hunter-gatherer cultures

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Physical and Health Education nurtures in young people an integrated sense of motivation, confidence, and understanding of how to navigate the world healthfully through experiential learning. To do that, we teach in modern ways for modern children in modern schools with modern expectations for modern educational outcomes. Early humans living considerably more hostile and unpredictable hunter-gatherer existences had at least as compelling a need for their children to learn the values and skills required for them to survive and to thrive. The hunter-gatherer approach to fostering the knowledge required for their children to master a complex physical and social environment holds possible reminders about pedagogical and curricular strategies relevant to modern PHE. In this paper, we explore a back-to-the-future approach to creating experiential learning environments in PHE based on the wisdom of hunter-gatherer cultures and their approach to fostering learning about healthy lives among their young people.

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Corlett, J,. Linaker, L., & Mandigo, J. (2021). Physical and health education curriculum and pedagogy. Physical & Health Education Journal, 87(3).



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