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Mentoring adjunct professors: fostering bonds that strengthen teaching and learning

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The number of part–time faculty members is increasing steadily, to the point that most colleges and universities could not function efficiently without them. The evening and weekend availability of adjunct faculty enables us to expand class schedules to serve the educational needs of nontraditional students, and their expertise offers students important real–world perspectives.Yet there is often a lack of preparation or support for their vital role. Best Practices for Supporting Adjunct Faculty is written for a full range of academic leaders, including instructional administrators, department chairs, and directors of teaching and learning centers. It showcases proven initiatives at a variety of institutional types two– and four year, public and private that help achieve the needs of adjunct instructors, while increasing their effectiveness within institutions existing delivery systems. This book provides research data on the initiatives highlighted, and valuable ideas for institutions expanding their professional development opportunities for part–time instructors thus enhancing student learning and improving accountability outcomes.

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Zutter, C. (2007). Mentoring adjunct professors: Fostering bonds that strengthen teaching and learning. In R. Lyons (ed.), Best practices for supporting adjunct faculty (pp.68-80). Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing.



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