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Content audit for the assessment of digital information space: definitions and exploratory typology

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content audits, digital information space, content assessment, information architecture, typology

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Content audit is an evaluation method used to identify, describe, quantify, and assess content quality of a website or of a larger information ecosystem (social media, web application, newsletter, intranet, etc.). Despite the growing popularity of the method in the last years, very little research has been conducted on this topic. However, it is extensively described and commented in a large body of literature, mostly written by information architecture (IA), content strategy and UX professionals. Hence, this is what led to further examine, in this research, a corpus of 200 publications (books, web pages, blog articles, journal articles) addressing content audit. This study attempts to take stock and establish a realistic picture of the current knowledge about the method, particularly concerning content audit definition components and content audit types, as well as to suggest possible means to further develop this evaluation method.

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Presented on August 13, 2017 at the ACM SIGDOC conference, held at the Atlantica Hotel in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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