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Good things come in small packages: Mobile-ready responsive design at MacEwan University

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libraries, responsive web design, mobile applications

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Mobile-ready. User-centred. Responsive. These buzzwords have become increasingly common in describing the current focus of web and application design and development theory, but how many libraries have wholeheartedly adopted these philosophies? What does mobile-ready, responsive, user-centred design mean, and how does it look? This poster illustrates the innovative, mobile-first approach MacEwan University Library is taking in transforming its online environment from a rigid, desktop-only interface, to a seamless, user-friendly experience. Using APIs and web services, MacEwan integrated its ILS, discovery service, and other vendor-supplied products directly into its own web environment, and applied a user experience philosophy to all design decisions. This transformation has significantly improved access to the Library’s collections and services from all devices. This poster provides an overview of the convincing case for pursuing mobile-ready responsive design in digital library environments.

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Presented on August 16-22, 2014 at IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions) World Library and Information Congress, 80th IFLA General Conference and Assembly in Lyon, France.

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