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The strait gate: thresholds and power in western history

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Strait gate: thresholds & power in western history, The (book), Jütte, Daniel

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Daniel Jutte makes the door and its appurtenances a figurative doorway into the social and conceptual world of premodern Europe: “This is a study of doors, gates, and keys and a history of the hopes and anxieties that Western culture has attached to them” (3). From the wealth of sources and information obviously at his disposal Jutte has judiciously selected telling anecdotes from a wide range of periods and places to make a book that is simultaneously accessible and erudite, wide-ranging and detailed. Neither a case study nor a survey, this is a passport into the foreign country that is the past, and should be welcomed by scholars, teachers at all levels, and general readers alike.

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Garstad, Benjamin, review of The strait gate: thresholds and power in western history by Daniel Jütte. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2015. The Sixteenth Century Journal 48 (2017) 292-4.



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