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Interaction design and educational video games: motivating undergraduate students to explore new territories

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Can interaction design students design a game that is educational and fun to play? In which areas could undergraduate interaction design students be involved when designing an educational video game? What unique learning experiences could be acquired by designing an educational video game? What are some challenges for the integration of educational game design in design education? To answer these questions, we partnered with a Biological Sciences professor interested in developing a video game for undergraduate biology students. We thought this could be both an interesting interaction design problem to tackle and an engaging pedagogical experiment. To do so, we hired undergraduate interaction design and computing science students to work with us on the concept and then on the development of a video game prototype.

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Sperano, I., Andruchow, R., & Shaw, R. (2019). Interaction Design and Educational Video Game: Motivating Undergraduate Students to Explore New Territories. Interaction Design Education Summit. Presented at the Interaction Design Education Summit, Seattle, USA. Retrieved from



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