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Space, time, stillness, and work-life balance

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work-life balance

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Contemporary society is faced with the constancy of capitalism and the burden of always needing to feel and appear productive. However, this state of mind can be harmful to an individual’s well-being, and it is crucial to find strategies to manage the chaos. This visual research project discusses how humans move through space and time, and the implications capitalism has on that movement. It begins with a literature review that discusses previous studies and ideas about stillness and work-life balance. Next, the visual research consists of six images that portray moments throughout the day of a university student where it is possible to find stillness. Lastly, conclusions are made, and the importance of accomplishing work-life balance and stillness within contemporary society is presented as a crucial part of enjoyable existence.

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Kitchen, B. (2022). Space, Time, Stillness, and Work-Life Balance. MacEwan University Student EJournal, 6(1).


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