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Amplifying heterodox economics with video clips

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Jack Reardon, Gregory Mankiw, Neoclassical economics, heterodox economics, ThunderCats roar, chalk and talk

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Many ECON 101 students do not major in Economics partly because of the way it is taught through the chalk and talk method and partly due to the subject content that emphasizes abstract models over contemporary issues including climate change, inequality, and financial crises. The critique is of both content and presentation. The objective therefore in this paper is to address both these issues. To this end a review of salient ideas of the Reardon et al. (2018) textbook Introducing a New Economics is undertaken and paired up with video clips from movies and cartoons to amplify their reach.

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Jahangir, J. B. (2021) Amplifying heterodox economics with video clips. Challenge, 64:5-6, 433-452.


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