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Video gamer’s dilemma: entertainment versus morality

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video games, morality, violence, ethics, sexual morality, entertainment

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Video games today are not just an electronic extension of playing favourite games. Now it is emerged as one of mainstream mass medium and an industry worth billions. Video games and its popularity grew around the sphere regardless demographic and geographic taxonomy. Began in late 1940s, with platform of cathode ray tube television sets and specially equipped platforms are now available on mobile phones and other portable gadget with easy mobility and more live three dimensional views. The video games use user interaction and visual feedback which exercise much mental and physical attention of player. This in fact leads to develop application in day to day life of players. Video games have become a widely popular and highly profitable medium of entertainment. Animated characters with motion and multidimensionality are not only affecting the cognitive of a human but also to the tender feelings and emotions.

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Raj, Sony Jalarajan, Jongsung Kim, and Nithin Kalorth. "Video Gamer’s Dilemma: Entertainment Versus Morality." Researchers World: Journal of Arts, 5.1 (2014): 1-7. Web. 20 May 2014.



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