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Magical playscape: the airport

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play, child development, preschool

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Magical playscapes are environments rich with colours, smells and textures; where scale and physical traits are attuned to create fairy-like charm or the awe of the gargantuan and the creatures of myths and enchanted tales are invited to share in the play. Authors Frost and Talbot explain that, "such playscapes extend possibilities; expand awareness; transcend the common; and enhance opportunities for children to wonder, create and experiment, and thus to grow" (1989, p. 15). Students were asked to create a magical playscape for their term 2 field placement. My goal in creating a magical playscape was to build a space where each child was welcome, felt supported, and free to play within the given space or to recreate it; I wanted them to feel unencumbered by adult rules or boundaries and to find within this area their own "magical state of being" (p. 14).

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Steinke, M. (2014). Magical playscape: The airport. MUSe, 1(1). Retrieved from



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