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I’m just a rhetorical dirtbag, baby

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Rhetoric has acquired a bad reputation in the modern age. Many hear the word in contemporary news and discourse and ideologically wince. It has gone from a neutral term to one that connotes deception and ill-intent. Rhetoric has also unfairly become synonymous with the Right-wing. In the following piece, I will argue that not only must rhetoric be stripped of its pejorative connotations, but that the spice and flair the Right unapologetically utilize must be wielded by the Left, with ethical moderations, of course. This piece will show how, by abandoning the pointless and outdated notions of impartiality and decorum, the Left can be more effective communicators and finally be on a level playing field with the Right. This paper was written as part of a course on Modern and Classical Rhetoric.

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Hutchinson, H. (2022). I’m Just a Rhetorical Dirtbag, Baby. MacEwan University Student EJournal, 6(1).


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