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Social media preview and review: Malayalam cinema in digital age

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marketing, social media, promotion, Malayalam film, advertisements, new generation film, prosumers

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From the humble days of bicycle promotions and film snippet books, the concept of film marketing and promotion has undergone radical changes, catering to the tech-savvy audience. As people became more mobile, the need for a global and instant promotional platform became inevitable. The result is the choice of online social medium like Facebook and YouTube that can virally distribute the promotional materials within a click of a mouse to a multifarious audience. Traditional bill-boards and hoardings are replaced by the new Facebook-wall, which democratically allows anyone to 'paste' (or post) anything. This is also met with a significant advantage for the filmmakers to get a pilot response from the audience even before the release of a film. The fate of a film, hence swings on the impact of these viral materials online. In this article, this concept of internet film promotion is deeply examined considering the so called new-generation films of Malayalam film industry (a regional film industry in India) that thwarted the traditional promotional concept. This article analyzes the role of user to user relationship and the impact of social media in the Malayalam film promotional activity through a series of content analysis of the teasers of certain selected films and its public response along with its box-office data.

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K, Nithin & Raj, S. J. (2016). Social media preview and review: Malayalam cinema in digital age. Amity Journal of Media & Communications Studies (AJMCS), 5(3), 80–85.



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