A world Englishes mini-unit for teachers to use in the EFL context

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English as a second language, world Englishes, ESL
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Although awareness of the importance of recognizing World Englishes is increasing throughout EFL literature, there remains a need to ensure that this trend is indeed reflected in course curricula, materials development, and pedagogy. The purpose of this paper is to present a practical suggestion for implementing a World Englishes mini-unit into the EFL classroom in Japan. Students should be encouraged to consider themselves within the concept of WE-ness as Japanese speakers of English--giving them a sense of identification with a personalized variety of English. If we can instill a deeper sense of confidence in young learners of EFL, then perhaps they will be better able to actively communicate in a foreign language that, until now, they have probably believed to be a thing owned by others. English is something we speak; it is not something they own.
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McLean, Terence. "A world Englishes mini-unit for teachers to use in the EFL context." Asian Englishes, 7.1 (2004). 92-96. Web. 8 September 2014.
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