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Spelling errors and social media outrage: on the Conservative Party of Canada’s error-ridden pamphlet

dc.contributor.authorSweet, T. Andi
dc.description.abstractAfter Elections Canada announced the 2021 Canadian Federal Election in August of the same year, the political parties implemented their campaign strategies. Amongst social media and doorknocking campaigns, one document released by the Conservative Party of Canada attracted attention online due to excessive spelling errors. To better understand whether this mailer was an error or intentional, this paper explores the CPC’s larger social media campaign and the strategic patterns used historically by their marketing company to provide more context to why something as simple as spelling errors can be a piece of effective campaigning. By understanding the firehose of outrage-inducing content implemented by the CPC in the 2021 election, this paper concludes that the spelling errors were part of an intentional plan to build outrage and stoke further divide between Canada’s increasingly polarized political parties.
dc.identifier.citationSweet, T. A. (2022). Spelling Errors and Social Media Outrage: On the Conservative Party of Canada’s Error-Ridden Pamphlet. MacEwan University Student EJournal, 6(1).
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC)
dc.subjectpolitical parties
dc.subjectConservative Party of Canada
dc.subjectsocial media campaigns
dc.titleSpelling errors and social media outrage: on the Conservative Party of Canada’s error-ridden pamphleten
dc.typeStudent Article


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