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China and Japan in Africa: globalization and new norms of development assistance and cooperation

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China’s Africa policy, post reactive state, OECD/DAC, Japan’s Africa policy, TICAD, FOCAC, norms, go globalism, South-South cooperation

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Globalization has shifted the fortunes of states and established new patterns of political and economic interchange, with attendant challenges to traditional norms of development assistance and cooperation. Two Asian economic winners in the globalization game – Japan and China – are contributing novel paths of dealing with Africa that challenge traditional approaches to development assistance. This is positioning both states to contribute to our understanding of ways to address the development challenges of the continent that shifts from past preoccupations with humanitarianism to development cooperation that is modeled on partnership, African ownership and mutual benefit. This new focus also accords greater input to African leaders in determining their own development requirements, while extending Sino-Japanese rivalry to the African development cooperation space. Both countries have established inter-governmental linkages with Africa through special conference diplomacy with African leaders to discuss the process and content of cooperation – Japan’s Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD), and China’s Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC). This paper offers a comparative analysis of China and Japan’s approaches to development assistance and cooperation in Africa, and assesses how their systematic engagement with the continent is challenging the old patterns of development assistance, and highlighting the continent’s slow rise from the margins of globalization.

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Mensah, Chaldeans. "China and Japan in Africa: Globalization and New Norms of Development Assistance and Cooperation.' Brazilian Journal of International Relations 4 (2) (2015): 157-197.


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