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Rebuilding Jerusalem: Zechariah’s vision within visions

dc.contributor.authorRistau, Kenneth A.
dc.description.abstractWhile the temple in Jerusalem and the administration of the new community forming around it are at the centre of Zechariah 1–8, references to the physical city of Jerusalem are concentrated as book ends in the sections 1.8–3.10 and 7.1–8.23. Jerusalem or Zion is explicitly mentioned 23 times in these sections: in the first vision (1.8-17), the second vision (2.1-4), the third vision (2.5-9), the first set off exhortation (2.10-17), the fourth vision (3.1-10), and the prophet’s reply to a question sent to Jerusalem (7.1–8.23). These visions and exhortations contain motifs or literary–ideological tropes of restoration and reconstruction, election and holiness, and the city as an axis mundi, which develop and bring to expression a vision or idea of Jerusalem as well as point to a reality behind the text in tension with that vision.
dc.identifier.citationRistau, K. A. (2009). Rebuilding Jerusalem: Zechariah’s vision within visions. In G. N. Knoppers, L. L. Grabbe, & D. Fulton (Eds.), Exile and restoration revisited: Essays on the Babylonian and Persian periods in memory of Peter R. Ackroyd (pp. 195-213). T&T Clark.
dc.rightsAll Rights Reserved
dc.subjectOld Testament prophecy
dc.subjectbook of Zechariah
dc.titleRebuilding Jerusalem: Zechariah’s vision within visionsen
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