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Helping the Grant MacEwan College Board of Governors acquire and transfer knowledge about presidential search

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post secondary, governance, presidential search, presidential recruitment, board, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, succession planning, MacEwan, president search, president recruitment, action research, board of governors

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The frequency of turnover within public post-secondary boards of governors presents particular challenges to the individual and collective ability of members to acquire and manage intellectual capital and practical knowledge on board roles and responsibilities. My study examined how, through the application of knowledge management theory, a board can learn and share knowledge on a vital board responsibility—presidential search. Normally, boards learn about presidential search while engaged in a recruitment process or through presentations at governance conferences. Seeking knowledge about this topic through a proactive and targeted approach is not common practice. Through a facilitated, qualitative action research exercise, participants engaged in a progressive learning experience to create a body of knowledge about presidential search experiences and develop strategies for transferring it when membership changes. This shared organizational learning experience is also expected to contribute to a comprehensive board succession plan for Grant MacEwan College.

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