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Permanent health education in a nursing technician course

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professional education, continuing education, learning, nursing education

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Objective: To assess the understandings of a pedagogical intervention on the Brazilian National Policy of Permanent Health Education targeted at secondary technical and vocational nursing students. Method: Applied, pedagogical intervention study conducted with twenty-three students of a secondary technical nursing course; questionnaires, focal group, and thematic content analysis were employed. Results: Intervention, collectively built by manager, nursing teachers, and researchers, is assessed to have led to a problematization of the concepts of education and continuing and permanent education. The following thematic categories emerged from the analysis: Prior knowledge of students and understandings of the classroom intervention; Relation between permanent education and educational welcome in health units; Ethics concerns and the articulation of care practice and theory; and Work process and approximations to permanent health education. Conclusion: The pedagogical intervention is assessed to have favored the critical reflection of the aspiring nursing technicians on permanent health education and the need for a collaborative pedagogical planning for aligning the health team’s work process.

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Lima, F. J. de ., Dorneles, L. L., Pereira, M. C. A., Gatto Júnior, J. R., Góes, F. dos S. N. de ., & Camargo, R. A. A. de. (2022). Permanent health education in a nursing technician course. Revista Da Escola De Enfermagem Da USP, 56, e20210276.


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