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Situating ourselves: the development of doctoral programs in rhetoric and composition

dc.contributor.authorSkeffington, Jillian K.
dc.description.abstractThe discipline of rhetoric and composition is often defined by binaries: rhetoric/composition, teaching/practice. Our doctoral programs, however, occupy space at both ends of the spectrum through the simultaneous emphasis on composition pedagogy and rhetorical theory. The changing curricula in doctoral programs offer a unique lens through which to interpret some of the forces that have shaped rhetoric and composition as it has developed in the past fifty years. Examining the curricula highlights how our disciplinary identity has been shaped, at least in part, by our various institutional locations.
dc.identifier.citationSkeffington, Jillian K. "Situating Ourselves: The Development of Doctoral Programs in Rhetoric and Composition." Rhetoric Review, vol. 30, no. 1, 2011, pp. 54-71.
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dc.subjectrhetoric and composition
dc.subjectdoctoral programs
dc.titleSituating ourselves: the development of doctoral programs in rhetoric and compositionen