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Prácticas mortuorias Wari en Marayniyoq, valle de Ayacucho, Perú

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Central Andes, Wari, Ayacucho Valley, burials, physical anthropology

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Results are presented from the analysis of human remains excavated from two mortuary structures at the site of Wari of Marayniyoq in the Ayacucho Valley, Peru. Until very recently, Wari mortuary studies were aimed mostly at the analysis of the mortuary structures, paying little attention to the human remains. This study of osteological remains from two Wari mortuary structures revealed not only a large population lived at the site of Marayniyoq, but that the structures held individuals of all ages and both sexes. They conclude that during the Wari reign diverse forms of burial were practiced in the valley, and some were used for generations, resulting in an accumulation of numerous remains in the relatively small mortuary structures. Finally the evidence from Marayniyoq is used to elaborate on the population profile of the deposit, which clearly indicates a high infant mortality rate.

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Valdez, Lideo, Jocelyn S. Williams, and Katrina J. Bettcher. "Prácticas Mortuorias Wari en Marayniyoq, Valle de Ayacucho, Perú." Chungara 38, no. 1 (2006): 113-127.



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