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Life on the edge: supporting students’ learning of cell biology

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video game design, game-based learning, postsecondary education

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The video game "Life on the Edge" is an educational game that aims to instruct and engage undergraduate biology students on the intricacies of cell biology. Developed by a collaborative team comprising researchers and students from biology, design, computer science, educational technology, and music at MacEwan and Concordia University, the game aims to provide an interactive and visually stimulating environment to help undergraduate biology students learn and understand cell biology concepts effectively. The development process is also complemented by research to evaluate the game’s effectiveness in enhancing students' game-based learning experiences. In this session, participants will be afforded the opportunity to engage with the game and provide feedback to the game's creators on new game features currently under development.

Publication Information

Sperano, I., Byrne L., Bong, J. Y., Shaw R., & Andruchow R. (2023). Life On the Edge: Supporting Students’ Learning of Cell Biology. In J. D. Slotta & E. S. Charles (Eds.), General Proceedings of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the International Society of the Learning Sciences 2023 (pp. 17-20). Montreal, Canada: International Society of the Learning Sciences.



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