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Putting cracks in the paywall: connecting librarian values, actions, and technology

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open access, advocacy, scholarly communications, research findings

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A core value of librarianship lies in providing users with equal and immediate access to information. This is frequently not possible, however, particularly when it concerns providing access to academic research literature available through costly journal subscriptions. Drawing on a range of examples, this presentation describes individual and collective actions that librarians have taken to overcome commercial barriers and help to ensure equitable online access to research and scholarship. It also addresses initiatives and services that both academic and public libraries could be implementing and more broadly supporting if unrestricted access to information is truly a goal. Participants will be asked to consider their own perspectives on the open access movement, its intentions and limitations, and how they might support it in their own professional lives.

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Presented February 6, 2015 at the Forum for Information Professionals at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

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