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Introduction to sustainability

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sustainability, systems thinking, sustainability challenges

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Through the use of a variety of media, Introduction to Sustainability provides a broad overview of the complexity of sustainability through the lens of systems thinking. After a brief look at the modern history of sustainability, it introduces systems thinking and the process of systems mapping. It then moves through the domains of sustainability including environment, economics, social systems, and culture. The latter half of the text applies the learnings from the beginning to specific sustainability challenges and topics such as climate change, fashion, and circular economy. Throughout the book there are links to other resources in order to diversify the voices and expertise provided within the context of the text. In addition, there are reflective prompts and activities that can be used within the context of each chapter.

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Munro, T. (2023). Introduction to Sustainability. MacEwan Open Books.


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Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA)