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2016 census of Canadian academic librarians cross tables

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The goal of the census is to build a comprehensive demographic picture of the profession of academic librarianship in Canada by collecting data about librarians working in college and university libraries in Canada. It is the intention of CAPAL to share that data for research, policy development, advocacy, and education purposes. In fall of 2015 a census project team was created to design, test and conduct the census survey. A twenty-eight (28) question census survey was emailed to 1,730 academic librarians working in colleges, universities and other institutions across Canada. The census was open between June and September, 2016 and garnered 904 responses. A User Guide and Results Summary report presenting aggregate findings was compiled and shared with the community in December, 2016. This report includes some preliminary attempts to represent relationships from the census data including: - Librarians’ geographic, visible minority, ethnicity, and sexual orientation distribution - Gender identity and age group - Percentage of respondents who are Indigenous (First Nations, Metis or Inuit) and age group - Additional hours to regular work week and age group - Appointment type and age group and much more.

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Revitt, E., Schrader, A., & Kaufman, A. (2017). 2016 census of Canadian academic librarians cross tables. Retrieved from



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