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Review of Rodger L. Tarr, ed., As ever yours: the letters of Max Perkins and Elizabeth Lemmon

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Perkins\, Max, American modernism

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The study of 20th-century literature in the United States has been enriched by the publication of letters written by Scribner’s editor Maxwell Perkins. Editor to Author (1950), a collection that appeared just three years after his death, both illustrated the issues preoccupying modern writers and their publishers and revealed the significant literary influence of Perkins himself. Subsequent volumes, such as Dear Scott, Dear Max (1971), Ring Around Max (1973), The Only Thing that Counts (1996), Max and Marjorie (1999), To Loot My Life Clean (2000), and The Sons of Maxwell Perkins (2004), made particularly important contributions to scholarship on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, Ring Lardner, Marjorie Rawlings, and Thomas Wolfe. On the other hand, Father to Daughter (1995) sought to reveal something more about Perkins the man, and Rodger Tarr’s latest collection, As Ever Yours, attempts to rediscover a balance between the professional and the personal in its depiction of Perkins.

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Monk, Craig. Review of "Rodger L. Tarr, ed., As Ever Yours: The Letters of Max Perkins and Elizabeth Lemmon." Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 59.2 (Fall 2005): 1-3. Web. 1 Dec. 2015.



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