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Teaching climate change to ECON 101 students

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ECON 101, CORE, teaching economics, climate change

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There is a growing recognition that ECON 101 does not adequately prepare students to address the pressing issues of our times including climate change.However,options such as the CORE text are unsuitable because of information overloadand the use of advanced technical concepts and techniques.The objective in this paper is to introduce climate change to ECON 101 students in a waythat minimizesstudent confusion,instructor workload,and upholdsMankiw’s approach of clarity before nuance. Anew approach is delineated based on popular books, magazine articles, a YouTube video,and simple exercises.Thisfive-part approach consistsof emphasizing the urgency of climate change, thinking outside the box through geoengineering, the limits of individual actions like buying local or going vegan, the comparative outlook on various policy toolswitha simple equation solving exercise,and gametheoryto broach the issue of international collaboration.

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Jahangir, J. B. (2022) Teaching climate change to ECON 101 students. Journal for Economic Educators, 22(2).



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