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Hacia la identificación y análisis de la unidad doméstica Andina

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Andean archaeology, domestic unit, ethnography, production

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During the last two decades, several archaeological studies paying particular attention to the domestic unit have been published. This attention shows not only the scholarly interest in the study of domestic areas, but it also highlights that such a consideration is vital in order to understand the process of production, distribution and consumption. It is timely to point out that the existing archaeological models currently in use are based on ethnographic evidence, complemented with ethnohistoric information. In many cases the so-called ‘ethnographic evidence’ is partial and therefore superficial. The uncritical consideration of such resources carries the danger of producing distorted results, with little or no benefit to archaeology overall. In order to understand and explain the Andean domestic unit, on the one hand, it is important to be cautious with the ethnographic evidence, and on the other hand, to develop models based on archaeological tangible evidence.

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Presented on August 20–21, 2010 at the symposium "Áreas Domésticas: Avances, Reflexiones y Perspectivas" held at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal, in Lima, Peru.

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