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Dynamics of ‘terror reporting’ Indian media and the changing perspective on terrorism

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India, terrorism, Mumbai attack, Godhra riot, Kashmir, speculation

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Today, no country is left untouched by the bitter hands of terrorism, where media plays a very critical role as an informer, forecaster, and at the worst a mediator. India is one of those SAARC countries which are frequently being threatened with terrorist activities. Even though being one of the largest media scenes, Indian media never indulged in going deep into the issues of terrorism. In the competitive run for visual treat, media lose the opportunity to elucidate and investigate the terrorist attacks which is frequenting in the Indian soil. Media being the indispensable part of terrorist and anti-terrorist activities in India, this paper examines what need to be the role, responsibilities, and the nature of treating an issue like terrorist attacks.

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Raj, Sony Jalarajan, and Rohini Sreekumar. (2014). "Dynamics of ‘Terror Reporting’: Indian Media and the Changing Perspective on Terrorism." European Journal of Academic Essays 1.4 (2014) : 82-88. Web. 19 May 2014.



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