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Engaging, embedded and mobile! The evolution of an online IL instruction program at MacEwan University

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information literacy, online tutorials, mobile

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For the past 10 years the MacEwan University library has used our online SearchPath tutorial as the foundation of our information literacy (IL) program. Over the years SearchPath has evolved dramatically, from a flash-based video file to a modular series of engaging learning objects in HTML5, changing formats as technology and the needs of our students have changed. In the new context of mobile learning and 24-7 demand for access to information and point-of-need support, we are seeking to reinforce in the virtual what is possible in face-to-face instruction, developing a sustainable, embedded, engaging, and mobile IL program. In this interactive session, participants will have a chance to try out our mobile learning modules and answer some of the skill-testing questions developed for MacEwan students.

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Presented on October 24, 2013 at Netspeed held at Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

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