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New Wari mortuary structures in the Ayacucho Valley, Peru

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Wari, mortuary practices, Andes, Peru

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Recent archaeological salvage excavations in the Ayacucho Valley of the Peruvian Central Highlands resulted in the discovery of two totally new mortuary structure forms for the region andfor the Wari culture in particular. Thefirstform consists of two rectangular mortuary chambers, each with a small east-facing entrance and holding the interred remains of several individuals. The second form consists of several cylindrical cists, each containing the remains of a single individual. We describe both mortuaryf orms and compare them to other known Warim ortuary structures of the region. Since both chambers evidently were accessible, we also discuss their possible implications with regard to ancestor worship, keeping in mind that an important aspect of Inka ayllu organization was the veneration of ancestors' mummified bodies kept in accessible mortuary buildings

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Valdez, Lideo, Katrina J. Bettcher and J. Ernesto Valdez. "New Wari Mortuary Structures in the Ayacucho Valley, Peru." Journal of Anthropological Research 57, no. 3 (Autumn, 2002): 389-407. doi:10.1086/jar.58.3.3631183.


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