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Revisiting the principles of economics through Disney

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ECON 101, Disney, heterodox economics, ten principles

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The objective in this paper is to revisit the principles of economics taught at the principles level. Many ECON 101 students end up with the dogma of market fundamentalism or economism. Large scale inertia prevents a complete overhaul of ECON 101. There are also concerns with both mainstream and heterodox economists dismissing alternative perspectives and with the chalk and talk method of instruction. Thus, the focus in this paper is on comparatively viewing neoclassical and heterodox perspectives and illustrating economic principles through Disney video clips. Such a strategy elicits student interest due to familiarity and connection with childhood memories and helps with recall in the age of information overload. Moreover, the instructor preparation time and technological requirements of such an approach are minimal. Overall, with pluralist perspectives and Disney clips, the twin objectives of upholding nuance and retaining student interest are achieved.

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Jahangir, J. (2023) Revisiting the principles of economics through Disney. real-world economics review, 103, 89-110.



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