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On the margins of heterosexuality! Representation of queerness in Malayalam cinema

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queer, Malayalam cinema, representation, Keralite, reception, heterosexuality, othering, subtexts

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The conservative social milieu and the official censorship rules prevents any open or transparent form of creative discourses on the realities of queer population in Kerala, a State having the highest literacy rate in India. This article is an attempt to chronologically map the repressed demography of queer within the history of Malayalam cinema. Right from the early days, there were only meagre attempts in the Malayalam cinema to represent, portray and communicate the LGBTQ population that silently exist within the literate Kerala society. This article argues that the Malayalam cinema has a long traditional and discursive practice of normalising heterosexual practices through cinematic imageries. The article illustrates that Malayalam cinema carefully places the queer subtext in the margins of heterosexuality in line with the conservative social order and norms in the State.

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Jalarajan Raj, S., Rohini, Sreekumar., & Gopinath, Swapna.(2018) On the Margins of Heterosexuality! Representation of Queerness in Malayalam Cinema- Chalachitra Sameeksha International Journal of Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. Vol. 1 Issue 8, March 2018 Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. Pp 40-58.



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