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American goddess: a modern apotheosis

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goddess, neopaganism, Wicca, feminist spiritual practice

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Since the 1970s America has inherited Britain's place as the world center of modern paganism. One of America's significant contributions to neopaganism is the transformation of Wicca into a feminist spiritual practice. Some American feminist witches have suggested that the roots of witchcraft may be found in goddess polytheism. American goddess worship seems to differ, however, from other named-goddess worship elsewhere in the world, in that the goddess of much American paganism has no single name or identity... Exploring the development of goddess worship in the United States since 1970 will show how this nonhierarchical, nondogmatic, spiritual practice has developed into very personal and community spiritual practices that celebrate the goddess. [Taken from work]

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MacDonald, Michael B. "American Goddess: A Modern Apotheosis." In Vol. 3, Goddesses in World Culture: Australia and the Americas, edited by Patricia Monaghan, 281-294. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger, 2011.



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