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Review of the book Social work practice with LGBTQ community: the intersection of history, health, mental health, and policy factors

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LGBTQ communities, social work, book reviews

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One of the most progressive areas of social work practice is work among LGBTQ communities. The book under review is a comprehensive social work text on theory, practice and understanding on LGBTQ communities, spanned across themes of identity, health, policy and social work practice. The text is meaningfully divided into five parts. The first part is an overview of LGBTQ community aimed at building knowledge for social work practice. Out of the three chapters in this section, the first one gives a comprehensive history of LGBTQ movements across the globe and vividly in US. The second one provides a comprehensive understanding of various concepts and terms in understanding LGBTQ, and third one builds on the social justice perception of LGBTQ communities as enshrined in social work practice.

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Vareed B. (2019). Review of the book Social Work Practice with LGBTQ Community: The Intersection of History, Health, Mental Health, and Policy Factors, Edited by Dentato, M. Journal of LGBT Youth, 17 (2), 237-239


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