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Back to the garden: territory and exchange in western Canadian folk music festivals

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folk music festivals, western Canada

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Until now folk music festivals in western Canada have not been systematically surveyed nor has their operation been theorized as a mode of creative production. This work develops a historically grounded approach to folk music as a means of social production and challenges the idea that folk music is only a music genre. I conclude, using a theoretical approach developed by Deleuze and Guattari, that contemporary folk music festivals make use of social capital to establish a folk music assemblage. This assemblage provides an alternative, non-centralized, and increasingly global alternative for the flow of music capital. Folk music is no longer a style of music but a mode of doing business in music that is socially oriented and politically and economically potent.

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MacDonald, Michael B. "Back to the Garden: Territory and Exchange in Western Canadian Folk Music Festivals." (PhD diss., University of Alberta, 2010),



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