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Social development: environmental sustainability and social well-being

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development, sustainable, social, well being, environment

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Significant changes have taken place in the discussion and direction of development during the last two decades. A major shift which occurred, as a result of various dialogues, was towards the noneconomic spheres of development. The international conventions on various themes convened by the UN have shed light on human, social and existential dimensions of development. The less developed nations have had an influential role in bringing in the non-economic factors in the discussions of development. Sustainability as well as social well being have been established as norms in development policies and practices. But the latter, it seems, has not been adequately absorbed into the whole discussion. An amalgamation of sustainability and social well being is essential in devising an appropriate strategy of development that ensures the existence of the environment and decent living of all for the present and future generations.

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Baiju, P.V. (2007). Social Development: Environmental Sustainability and Social Well-Being. Rajagiri Journal of Social Development, 3(2), 175-198.



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