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Farmers and managerial capitalism: the Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company

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North American farmers, Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company, agrarian populist protest movements, Reform Party, populist tradition, Western Canada, agrarian economy, Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, Social Credit, Progressive Party

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North American farmers have intrigued historians and social scientists for the last century. The special characteristics of an agrarian lifestyle in a capitalist and increasingly industrial world, combined with a tradition of political protest, differentiate farmers from other social groups. Recently, the rise of the Reform Party in Western Canada has renewed interest in earlier so- called agrarian populist protest movements. Commentators on the present political scene often make reference to the Reform Part/s prairie populist heritage, pointing to Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, Social Credit, or Progressive Party philosophy. But do historians truly understand this populist tradition? Since its roots appear firmly lodged in the agrarian economy, the ideology or ideas of the farmers need to be scrutinized.

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Irwin, Robert. "Farmers and Managerial Capitalism: The Saskatchewan Cooperative Elevator Company," Agricultural History 70, no. 4 (1996): 626-652.



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