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Resisting complacency; or, "why would you study that?”

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Spanish plays, comedia, refundicion, recasting, Yuenteovejuna, Association for Hispanic Classical Theater, Lope de Vega, performance, Lrte nuevo de hacer comedias en este tietnpo, concepts of plays

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There is perhaps no more cringe-inducing moment in a conversation for a scholar of the arts or humanities than when the question “What are you going to do with that? comes from a well-meaning family member or pre-graduate-school friend. Granted, the relevance of studying something such as, say, fourhundred-year-old Spanish plays might not be immediately obvious to the uninitiated. Those of us who study the comedia, however, believe that the comedia is not only interesting in and of itself as a window into the social mores and intrigues of its day, but that these works still have something to say about society in the twenty-first century, as well.

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Cowling, Erin, "Resisting Complacency; Or ‘Why would you study that?'" (2017). Clio: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History, 46.2, 2017, pp. 257-62.



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