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Field-site characteristics of Sorex dispar Batchelder (long-tailed shrew) in previously uncharacterized regions of New Brunswick

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Sorex dispar Batchelder, long-tailed shrew, New Brunswick, Appalachian Mountains, genetic tools, Sorex dispar gaspensis, Sorex dispar kirkland, new subspecies, ecological characteristics, forest management

Abstract (summary)

Sorex dispar (Long-tailed Shrew) is a rarely collected species typically found along streams and rocky sites with variable vegetation characteristics. Records of this species in New Brunswick have been sparse. Here we report on ecological site characteristics where 13 Long-tailed Shrews were captured over the course of 18,671 trap-nights conducted during 1994-1997 (as part of a larger project) and 2000-2016 in efforts targeting this species. Captures occurred in 3 regions distinct from previous New Brunswick reports: Ganong Ecodistrict, Beadle Ecodistrict, and Meductic Ecodistrict. We document this species in a variety of sites, including sites altered by forest management.

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Haines, J. A., & Keppie, D. M. (2020). Field-site characteristics of Sorex dispar Batchelder, 1911 (Long-tailed Shrew) in previously uncharacterized regions of New Brunswick. Northeastern Naturalist 27(3), 555-566.


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