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Voices unheard: exploring the lived experiences and perspectives of straight white male students in higher education

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straight White males, masculinity norms, campus support

Abstract (summary)

Straight White males do not perceive themselves to be privileged because of their economic circumstances, lack of family support, and the stressors they face to cope with Western masculine norms. We conducted quantitative and detailed qualitative data analyses based on a survey of 32 male students at MacEwan University. Although our quantitative analysis did not reflect significant results, our qualitative data found that straight White males have a lower sense of belonging on campus, self-censor on campus, perceive being negatively depicted, and are impeded by unhealthy Western norms on masculinity to deal with the stressors of life. We conclude that support systems are required to instill a healthy sense of self-esteem within straight White male students and to validate them by role models and mentors.

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Jahangir, J., Atkinson, B. and Tuz-Atkinson, M. (2023) Voices Unheard: Exploring the Lived Experiences and Perspectives of Straight White Male Students in Higher Education, Pakistan Journal of Educational Research, 6(4): 68-85.



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