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Treaty 8: an anomaly revisited

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[Excerpt] In the Autumn 1999 issue of BC Studies Arthur J. Ray called attention to the important place of Treaty 8 in British Columbia's history. After reading Professor Ray's article, however, readers may be left with the impression that the Canadian government intended to include the McLeod Lake Sekani in Treaty 8 in 1899 but failed to secure their adhesion for a century because the BC government locked the Department of Indian Affairs (DIA). According to this interpretation, the agreement corrects an outstanding historical wrong perpetrated by the BC government. Professor Ray, however, omits important evidence that people need in order to understand fully Treaty 8 in British Columbia. He quotes from documents selectively - at times citing the statement of claim made by the McLeod Lake Sekani rather than the documents that are at the centre of the claim - and he makes errors in his presentation of evidence. If British Columbians are going to understand the McLeod Lake agreement, then they need a more complete understanding of the process of making Treaty 8 in British Columbia than that provided by Professor Ray.

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Irwin, Robert. “Treaty Eight: An Anomaly Revisited.” BC Studies 127 (Autumn 2000): 83-101.



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