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Introduction to Pass the mic

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Pass the Mic is a podcast research project involving MacEwan University’s Bachelor of Child and Youth Care students, graduates and practitioners in the field. Participants take up the mic as a forum for expression touching on salient aspects of identity and experience in socio-cultural and institutional contexts. The sharers of knowledge are storytellers, poets, artists and thinkers. Individuals discuss their variant experiences with a focal point on identity - complex identities that are not siloed in any one location but in motion and intersecting across locations and experiences. The podcast conversations and readings are thought provoking, critical and at times emotional, for example, topics range from experiences of racism, sexism, ableism, gender bias, religious bias, Islamophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, mental health and other points of social inequity. Individuals easily disrupt stereotypes and generate ideas for greater social equity, especially in classrooms, work contexts and life-spaces. Discussions take place around kitchen tables, living room spaces and office spaces. So stay tuned as the episodes will continue to emerge in numbers and topics.

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Berikoff, Ahna. (2020, March 11). Introduction to Pass the mic [Audio podcast episode]. In Pass the Mic. MacEwan University.



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