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Operationalizing a simulation program: practical information for leadership

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education, leadership, nursing, organizational culture, patient simulation, simulation operations, simulation training

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Failure to ensure organizational readiness for curricular integration of simulation can result in a costly and ineffective simulation program. Organizational leaders who are aware of the principles of changemaker leadership and specific operational considerations are best positioned to ensure a quality simulation program. To assist these leaders, this article provides practical information derived from dissection of the Standard of Best Practice: SimulationSM: Operations, including topics of strategic planning, financial resources, expert personnel, resource management systems, policies and procedures, and systems integration. Additionally, an introduction to a foundational tool to spearhead change is offered, and characteristics of the changemaker leader needed to develop and sustain an effective and efficient simulation program are highlighted. Understanding the criteria necessary for effective simulation operations and early recognition of the conditions and variables that can influence organizational culture is of utmost importance to ensure programmatic success.

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​​​​​​Schneidereith, T. A., Leighton, K. & Colette Foisy‐Doll. (2020, May). Operationalizing a simulation program: Practical information for leadership. Nursing Forum, 1-6. doi: 10.1111/nuf.12463.


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