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Research recast(ed): S1E5 - A conversation with Leigh Rivenbark and Dawn Sadoway

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resilience building, self care, theatre, education

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Today we learn all about building the roof before the storm happens, the importance of trust, and how your cell phone is likely giving you more grief than relief. Two faculty members from MacEwan’s Music Theatre Performance Program join us to talk about resilience and caring for ourselves and others. Coordinator Dawn Sadoway is a professional singer, actor, and voice teacher, and professor Leigh Rivenbark is a professional film and theatre director and former Artistic Producer of Theatre New Brunswick. They recently presented their research on resilience building in theatre at the peer-reviewed Voice and Speech Trainers Association’s international conference in August, 2021, and they have already seen promising results in instituting resilience-building techniques into their programming here at MacEwan. If you’re interested in learning more about resilience and resilience building, Leigh and Dawn would be happy to send you all those long lists we talked about, so feel free to send them an email!

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Ekelund, B., & Cave, D. (Hosts). (2021, October). A conversation with Leigh Rivenbark and Dawn Sadoway (Season 1, Episode 5) [Audio podcast episode]. In Research recast(ed). MacEwan University.



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